Friday, June 26, 2009


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Superstar-"Industry Rejects"

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New Track from "Industry Rejects" "Superstar" is now streaming at

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celebrity Crush-Teyana Taylor

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She's soooo freakin bad in my opinion....It's rumored Drake is w/her but i'll be boyfriend #2...lolz...GET AT ME TT!!!

Lew Static Performing with Al B. Sure!!

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Ya boy doing it for the old school!!!


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Im a def be needing one of these....anybody got one on clearance?....

Fly Ish...

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Chris Brown-FELONY??

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Chris Brown pled guilty to one count of felony assault against Rihanna today.

As part of his plea bargain, he was given five years probation and 180 days of community labor in Virginia.

According to L.A. Now, he must obey a protective order and a stay-away order, which requires him to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, who did not testify but did appear in court.

She and her lawyer discussed the protective order with the judge, who agreed that because the two might appear at the same events, the 50-yard stay-away would become a 10-yard order.

Ah, red carpet ex-lovers proximity.

Don't ya want to be on the red carpet when Chris is 10 yards from Rihanna? Yeah, like that will ever happen.

Rihanna is also forbidden from contacting Brown.

As if.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos addressed the media afterward: "This is a kid who has never been in trouble before. He embraces this as a chance to get the message out that domestic violence will not be tolerated. He wants to get his life back on track."

I by all means DO NOT justify his actions, but a FELONY for this I believe is a little much, and for him to plea to it was pretty dumb. I mean cats do this on a regular (NOT CONDEMNING IT) and only get misdemeanors...Oh well DONT HIT WOMEN!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Luda is the man...

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He definitely owns a 5star restaurant in Atlanta called Straits Of Atlanta. Maybe the reason this cat is the most underated best in the game...


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fly Shoes

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Def. on some grown man tip, but im def looking to grab a pair or two for tht matter..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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More details surrounding the highly-anticipated collaboration between Jay-Z and Drake for The Blueprint 3's first single have leaked online.
Following-up his street record, "Death of Autotune," Jay's alleged new single was confirmed to feature rap newcomer Drake.

DJ Skee had the opportunity to preview "Off That," Jay's first single from The Blueprint 3. "I don't want to really ruin the surprise," the host of Sirius XM's "Skeetox" radio show reluctantly tells "I mean it's Jay, he's killing it." While he didn't disclose details, he did build anticipation for the record. "Jay sounds pretty incredible, man." Skee confirmed that hip-hop's hottest newcomer, Drake, lends his talent to the song. (Rap-Up)

Skee previously broke the news on Jay's upcoming album via Twitter.

"First single off the new Jay-Z Blueprint 3 album coming Sunday," DJ Skee wrote unmodified on Friday (June 5). "D.O.A. is the street track...Oh...the official OFFICIAL Jay radio single will be called 'Off That' and feature Drake.....Coming July...Last thing about Jay, Blueprint 3 release date IS 9/11. Same day as original Blueprint in 2001. RocNation. Atlantic hired for marketing. Sunday! (DJ Skee's Twitter Page)

Speaking on his "D.O.A." record offending rappers like DJ Webstar, Jay hinted at the production behind his forthcoming LP.

"Nah, he's a young guy," Jay explained in an interview. "So he probably, he doesn't have a full understanding of what I'm saying. So, you know, or maybe he'll understand one day, but right now, he's a young guy. He doesn't know no better...It's a new classic, that's what I like to call it. Kanye [West] is doing the bulk of the production, Timbaland has some incredible records on there and I'm still working on it since I got a little time and can only get better." (WGCI)

The album will be distributed by Atlantic.

"Blueprint 3, I'm ready, I got the foundation and I'm ready to blast off," Jay said in an interview last week. "I'm pretty much at the launching pad right now. I bought my album back, I overpaid for it because I believe at this point in my career, you know, I wanted to be totally independent and free. Def Jam and Universal did a beautiful thing, they let me pay, they overcharged me a little bit, but I appreciate all the years they put into my career...I'm working with Atlantic, they gonna distribute the album. They're dong a fantastic job and by the way, I get a chance to connect with the people I started my career with." (Hot 97)

The Blueprint 3 will reportedly hit stores Friday, September 11th.

Drake Talks Filming 'Best I Ever Had' Video With Kanye - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

Drake Talks Filming 'Best I Ever Had' Video With Kanye - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jay-z, Fab, Kanye in New Drake Video

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Toronto MC Drake continues to keep his buzz going as he was recently in Brooklyn filming the video for his hit single, “Best I Ever Had.”

An inside source confirmed with that Drizzy’s self-described biggest musical influence, Kanye West, is directing the clip. And the all-star cast doesn’t end there. Among cameos from mentor Lil Wayne, Common, Fabolous, Trey Songz and his Young Money crew mates, the video may also have an appearance from Jay-Z. Apparently Hov -who as previously reported, has already recorded material with the aspiring rapper - was on set during the shoot.

The video will have a Degrassi theme according to the inside source. Drake starred on the popular N series before pursuing his career in music. A rough draft for the video is expected to be finished in two weeks.


Im a big fan of dude no doubt...DRIZZY!!!

Nivea, Lauren London pregnant by Weezy-At the same time!!!

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For the past week, the blogosphere has been buzzing about rumors that actress Lauren London and rapper Lil Wayne are expecting, as well as Lil Wayne and R&B singer Nivea.

None of the three camps have come out to officially confirm or deny the reports.

Among the blog chatter is's source who claims: Lauren and Wayne weren’t happy about the pregnancy initially, but they “have accepted it and chosen to raise the baby together.” Everyone’s all smiles now and very excited about the new baby. Lauren says that she’s “not worried about the pregnancy affecting her career,” and doesn’t really care about what people think. She’s stayed very positive throughout this entire time. Lauren and Lil Wayne have decided not to live together or continue with their five year “on again, off again” relationship at this time.

Lauren London is indeed 5 months pregnant! This time it’s not just another empty rumor. And that’s the reason we haven’t seen her out and about in the last 3 months. She actually made one appearance since February and it was at the Next Day Air premiere last week. But interestingly, all her pictures were only taken from the bust and up. ….our source–who’s actually a Hollywood celebrity themselves–slipped up in a recent convo with YBF and spilled the beans. As for the father of Lauren’s baby–we’re told she confirmed it’s Lil Wayne! Yes, we’re serious. Remember when we posted exclusive pics of the ex-couple back in Weezy’s hometown of New Orleans? We got further confirmation of Lauren’s pregnancy from a celeb’s manager. Apparently said manager received a movie role for his client after it was first offered to Lauren. When the manager asked why Lauren wouldn’t take the role, the manager was made aware of Lauren’s pregnancy status. We’re told Lauren’s taking time off from her career as her current conditions aren’t “favorable” right now.

As for Nivea, rumor has it that not only did Lil Wayne get her pregnant, but he's also about to put a ring on her finger. The two were previously engaged, but broke things off in 2003. She went on to marry hip hop producer The Dream, with whom she had three children. They divorced last year.

In a statement to, celebrity photographer FreddyO says: I would like to be the first to send my congratulations to [Nivea] and her baby daddy soon-to-be husband Wayne. The two are said to be marrying within the next few months. Hummmm I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Ms. Lauren London who is also pregnant by him . WOW…. I wonder what they said when they both found out about each other…

Reports have both Nivea and London due to deliver in September. If all is true, the babies will be Lil Wayne's third and fourth children by four different women. Most recently, he sired a son, 6 month-old Dwayne Carter III, by a reported model. He also has a 10 year-old daughter, Reginae, by his ex-wife Antonia “Toya” Carter.

I truthfully think this is pretty disgusting and just solidifies to the outside world that African-American men are no more than rumored to be animals...SMDH on this one Weezy...

Baddest Chick in the game-Ajia Nicole

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You've probably seen her in Hurricane Chris' Video "She Fine", and she'll be in R&B singer Joe's video...truthfully she's one of the baddest females i've seen since Angel Lola Luv Image and video hosting by TinyPic.. def a true "Bad Lightskin" Jawn(

50 Cent Wants To Bring Back Hard-Core Hip-Hop - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

50 Cent Wants To Bring Back Hard-Core Hip-Hop - News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

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Lew Static's response to Death of Auto-Tune "Long Live Auto-Tune"
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Drake's New Video Directed By Kanye!!!

From Fabolous' official twitter page:
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