Monday, June 22, 2009

Chris Brown-FELONY??

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Chris Brown pled guilty to one count of felony assault against Rihanna today.

As part of his plea bargain, he was given five years probation and 180 days of community labor in Virginia.

According to L.A. Now, he must obey a protective order and a stay-away order, which requires him to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna, who did not testify but did appear in court.

She and her lawyer discussed the protective order with the judge, who agreed that because the two might appear at the same events, the 50-yard stay-away would become a 10-yard order.

Ah, red carpet ex-lovers proximity.

Don't ya want to be on the red carpet when Chris is 10 yards from Rihanna? Yeah, like that will ever happen.

Rihanna is also forbidden from contacting Brown.

As if.

Brown's attorney Mark Geragos addressed the media afterward: "This is a kid who has never been in trouble before. He embraces this as a chance to get the message out that domestic violence will not be tolerated. He wants to get his life back on track."

I by all means DO NOT justify his actions, but a FELONY for this I believe is a little much, and for him to plea to it was pretty dumb. I mean cats do this on a regular (NOT CONDEMNING IT) and only get misdemeanors...Oh well DONT HIT WOMEN!!!

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